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Complete Employee Services

SunTrust Online 401k handles all of the details of 401(k)s with the most technically advanced recordkeeping and administration services available today combined with a high level of customer support and service. Our services for employees include:
Easy Online Enrollment

Our website allows you to enroll as an employee anytime and from anywhere through the Internet.

Immediate Updates

Most changes to your account are reflected immediately after you have submitted them, such as:

  • Personal Information - Address, Beneficiaries, etc.
  • Deferral Amounts - don't want to bother your HR person anymore? Make the changes online about how much you want withheld from your paycheck pre-tax. This change is immediately available to your payroll administrator.
  • Fund Selection - if you want to start contributing into a new fund, simply check the box next to the fund offered in your company's retirement plan and type in how much you would like to contribute.

Daily Updates

Every night any changes to your account are uploaded and seen by you the next day. This includes:

  • Fund Price and holdings - so you always see the most accurate account value.
  • Fund Transfer - for when you have already invested in one fund, but you want to transfer the money into another fund. This actually requires us to sell your original fund, and then buy into the new fund you have selected; this process usually takes 3-4 days to show in your account. So, don't panic! The process is working; it takes a few days for it to show on your account statement!

24/7 Online Access

No more waiting for account statements! You can see your account, initiate and view transactions, and change information all online - from any Internet connection at anytime!


If you had a 401(k) at your previous employer and want to roll the balance into this new one, you can start that process online. The transfer period typically lasts around 3-4 weeks, but as soon as we receive the funds from your previous 401(k) provider, you will see it on your online account statement.

Investment Research

If you know - or want to learn - about investing, we have daily updated information on every fund we offer available online.

Internet Security

Worried about hackers or Internet security? Among other measures, we use a combination of digital and encrypted passwords. Furthermore, distributions from your account require a personal signature from you and your employer before we ever release a penny from your account.

Customer Service Reps

Have a question? Not only are we High-Tech, we understand to value of being "High-Touch". So, we staff a group of trained 401k experts to assist you with any problem with your account.

Quarterly Statements

In addition to Internet information, you will also receive a quarterly statement.

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