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Complete Employer Services

SunTrust Online 401k handles all of the details of 401(k)s with the most technically advanced recordkeeping and administration services available today - combined with a high level of customer support and service. Our services for employers include:
Easy Online Plan Establishment

Tired of the run around that's associated with setting up a plan? Our convenient online establishment makes starting a plan quick and painless. Answering a series of questions sets up the entire plan, and all of the necessary documents are available immediately for printing. If you have a question, just click on our help link, or contact us, and we'll take care of you.

Updated Employee Census

Keeping on top of the constant changes from your employees is always a challenge. Online, employers can access and update employee accounts, employment status, and payroll contributions.

Online Deferral Tracking and Payroll Submission

You can view deferral amount changes made by employees and incorporate them into the payroll system before the next processing date. Our easy-to-use Payroll Center shows employers the latest pay and deferral information. Payroll information can be submitted or edited over the Internet using the latest 128-bit encrypted security technology.

Online Plan Monitoring

You can monitor the assets held in the plan as this information is updated daily.

Form 5500 Preparation

As specified in ERISA by the IRS, employers are required to file a Form 5500 for their 401(k) plan annually. Because we know you're busy running your business, we'll prepare this form signature ready as part of our services. Just sign and send it in!

Compliance Testing

In order to make sure your plan is operating within the IRS and DOL guidelines, required Compliance testing is completed annually. We test your plan and recommend corrections if necessary, and monitor any new regulations throughout the year that may affect you.

Employer-Sponsor Service and Questions

We know you and your employees may have questions about your 401(k) plan or investments. Answers to frequently asked questions are available at the click of a mouse. If you can't find your answers there, please see our Contact Us link for information about how to reach a Customer Service Representative.

Email notifications

Employers need to focus their valuable time on running their business and ensuring profitability. We know employers have important obligations and don't want to spend valuable time and profits maintaining a 401(k) plan. When important information needs to be passed on to you, we send email notifications informing you of matters that may otherwise be over looked.

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