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SunTrust Online 401k's Full Service Administration Works for You

With SunTrust Online 401k, the on-going maintenance of your 401(k) plan is made easy. Our Internet Plan Administration System revolutionizes the process.

SunTrust Online 401k Employers
  • Plan Documents & Plan Activation
  • Daily-Valued Recordkeeping
  • Transaction and Trade Processing
  • Loans and Distribution Processing
  • Annual Compliance Testing
  • Form 5500 Signature-Ready Prep
  • 1099R's for Employee Distributions
  • Sign and Submit Establishment Documents
  • Encourage Employee Enrollment
  • Approve Loans and Distributions
  • Approve Deferrals Online
  • Submit Payroll & Census Online

A concern of many employers is the possible liability associated with having a 401(k). With SunTrust Online 401k, your plan is handled by experts in 401(k) administration and compliance to ensure your plan satisfies all regulations.

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